Industry Specialties

  • Consumer Products

    Consumer Products

    From gadgets to gizmos to gourmet foods, if you can build it, Portavoce PR can publicize it. Capitalizing on our comprehensive experience marketing and promoting consumer products, we develop integrated, targeted communications that complement and amplify your marketing plans. In a landscape flooded with offerings, integrated communications give companies and consumer products a competitive edge. Our collaborative approach means we work side-by-side with you, defining the voice and brand personality that launches your product above the rest. Combining industry trends with fresh angles, we’ll define your product’s sweet spot, that moment when your product explodes onto the marketplace straight into the hands of your target audience.

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  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    Keeping your healthcare brand current as the medical field adapts is an art form. At Portavoce PR, we combine our expertise in consumer brand publicity with our wide-ranging business savvy to shape communications strategies that custom fit your business model. Our goal is to transform your healthcare products and campaigns into refreshing PR messages that position you at the industry forefront. To achieve that goal, we employ targeted methodologies. We can translate your research into high-level sound bites, get your products in front of the opinion leaders who matter, and highlight vital health initiatives that complement your brand – all in the name of positioning you as an industry leader.

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  • Technology


    With so many technology products vying for attention, how do you secure consumer engagement? Through a well-thought-out plan that propels your technology from the drawing board straight into consumer engagement. Whether you’re a new innovator or an industry leader, Portavoce PR knows how to engage key editors and tastemakers with messaging that makes sense to your target audience. Our experience with leading-edge technologies ensures we speak your language and are adept at navigating the rapid fire speed of the technology marketplace. At Portavoce PR, we understand what it takes to translate the techiest details into the broadest brand narratives.

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